Architectural Elegance: Pergolas & Beyond

Custom Outdoor Structures

Enhance the architectural dynamics of your outdoor space with beautifully designed pergolas and other outdoor structures. At AMS Lawn & Landscapes, we recognize that such structures are not mere additions—they’re functional masterpieces, casting shade, defining spaces, and adding a touch of architectural wonder to your exteriors.

Imagine relaxing under the dappled shade of a pergola, the geometric patterns playing on the ground, creating a dance of light and shadow, all while adding a sense of grandeur to your garden or patio.

Our Specializations


    Design Versatility

    From traditional wooden lattices to contemporary metal frames, we craft pergolas that resonate with the architectural style of your property.

    Functional Elegance

    While they serve the primary purpose of providing shade, our pergolas are also designed as aesthetic focal points in your landscape.

    Custom Finishes

    Choose from a range of finishes, be it stained wood for a rustic feel or painted surfaces for a more modern appeal.

    Other Outdoor Structures

      Gazebos & Pavilions

      Perfect for a shaded seating area or even an outdoor dining space, these structures are both functional and visually pleasing.

      Arbors & Trellises

       Ideal for guiding climbing plants or marking entrances, they add a touch of green architecture to your outdoors.

      Custom Solutions

      Tailored structures based on your specific needs and preferences, ensuring uniqueness and functionality.


      Benefits of Custom Outdoor Structures

      Enhanced Aesthetics

      Structures like pergolas elevate the visual appeal of your landscape, making it look more organized and architecturally sound.

      Functional Spaces

      They provide shade, support plants, define pathways, or even serve as platforms for outdoor entertainment.

      Increased Property Value

      A well-crafted outdoor structure can boost the market value of your property, making it a desirable asset.


      Why Choose AMS Lawn & Landscapes?

      The magic of outdoor structures lies in their perfect amalgamation of design, functionality, and durability. At AMS Lawn & Landscapes, we marry these principles with each structure we design, ensuring it stands as a testament to quality and aesthetic brilliance. Every beam, slat, and post we install is a step towards reshaping your outdoor space into a masterpiece.

      Embrace the beauty and functionality of custom-designed outdoor structures with AMS Lawn & Landscapes. From the gentle shade of pergolas to the ornate designs of gazebos, let’s transform your outdoors into an architectural haven. Reach out to us and witness the metamorphosis of your exterior space.