custom patios

Embrace the Outdoors: Custom Patio Designs

Custom Patios

Elevate the way you experience the outdoors right in the comfort of your home. Our custom patios seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, transforming your outdoor space into an oasis of relaxation and entertainment. Here at AMS Lawn & Landscapes, we believe that a patio isn’t just an addition to your property—it’s an extension of your living space.

Imagine stepping out onto a patio that’s thoughtfully designed as an extension of your home. Crafted from materials like concrete, brick, natural stones, or exquisite pavers, our patios are tailored to resonate with your home’s architecture and landscape. Whether it’s for vibrant social gatherings or tranquil moments of relaxation, our patios set the scene perfectly.

Our Specializations

Brick and Stone Paver Patios

    Versatility at Its Best

    Stone pavers can be custom-shaped and colored to match any design vision, making them a popular choice for many homeowners.

    Low Maintenance

    A simple sweep is often enough to keep these patios looking pristine. Plus, they are resistant to the stresses of daily wear and tear.

    Hassle-free Repairs

    Should any stone paver crack or break, it’s an easy fix. Individual pavers can be replaced without disrupting the entirety of your patio.


    Flagstone Patios

      Uniquely Natural

      If you desire a patio that exudes a more organic and one-of-a-kind aesthetic, flagstone is your answer. This natural stone creates a mosaic-like pattern, ensuring each flagstone patio is a distinct masterpiece.

      Nature's Authentic Beauty

      Unlike pavers, flagstone retains its natural form, making every piece unique in shape, texture, and hue.


      Benefits of a Custom Patio

      Increased Property Value

       A well-designed patio can boost the aesthetic appeal and functional value of your property.

      Versatile Usage

      Connect different parts of your home, create cozy nooks, or design an expansive area for hosting—your patio can be whatever you envision.

      Enhanced Outdoor Experience

      Bask in the sun on a summer day, host barbecue nights, or gaze at the stars from the comfort of your custom-designed patio.


      Why Choose AMS Lawn & Landscapes?

      Our commitment to quality and dedication to realizing our clients’ visions sets us apart. Our team of experts meticulously plan and execute each project, ensuring that every detail aligns with your expectations. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and with every patio we design, we aim to create an outdoor sanctuary that you will cherish for years to come.

      Discover the transformation a custom patio can bring to your outdoor space. With AMS Lawn & Landscapes at the helm, you’re not just getting a patio—you’re gaining an experience. Contact us today and let’s bring your dream patio to life.