About US


In a world where lawns speak volumes about the homes they grace, and landscapes depict the imaginations they spring from, AMS Lawn & Landscapes took root. Our foundation is as organic as the grass we nurture and as solid as the patios we design. When AMS Lawn & Landscapes was conceptualized, it wasn’t just about creating beautiful gardens or manicured lawns; it was about redefining the relationship between a service provider and its patrons.

Our Philosophy

Every business is built on a principle, and ours is starkly simple, yet profound: “Serve the client better than anyone else is serving the client.” These words aren’t just an ornamental part of our business ethos, they’re our DNA. Every decision we make, every service we provide, is a testament to this fundamental belief. We’ve seen the industry standards, and we aim to surpass them, every single time.

Our Journey

Our passion for excellence has guided our journey from a fledgling venture to a name synonymous with quality and trust in the lawn and landscape industry. Over the years, we’ve meticulously built a team, not just of employees, but of specialists who embody our values. Our experts come from diverse backgrounds in gardening, lawn care, and landscaping, bringing together a mosaic of experiences and insights. This ensures that every client gets a bespoke solution, tailored to their individual aspirations and needs.

Comprehensive Services

Our expansion hasn’t just been in numbers, but in the depth and breadth of services we offer. Thanks to our continuous growth and the incessant drive to push boundaries, we’re able to offer our clients a comprehensive lawn maintenance service. From the subtle elegance of a lush flower garden to the grandeur of expansive landscapes, our repertoire is as vast as the dreams of our clients.

Our Mission

Wisconsin is not just a geographical location for us, it’s our home, our community, and our canvas. Our mission at AMS Lawn & Landscapes is to etch our name as the foremost provider of landscaping, gardening, and lawn care services in the Madison area. It’s not just about being the biggest, but the best, measured by the satisfaction of our clients and the standards we set for ourselves.

Building Relationships

At the heart of our services, beyond the lawns and landscapes, lies our commitment to relationships. We believe in forging bonds that are as enduring as the gardens we curate. Our team works hand-in-hand with each client, ensuring they’re not just heard, but understood. This collaborative approach is what ensures that our clients receive exactly the services they envisioned, fostering productive and long-lasting partnerships.

Looking Ahead

The road ahead is green and full of promise. As we tread this path, our commitment remains unwavering – to serve with unmatched excellence, to innovate with purpose, and to cultivate relationships that stand the test of time. With every lawn we nurture and every landscape we design, we’re sowing seeds for a future where AMS Lawn & Landscapes is not just a service provider, but a partner in bringing your visions to life.

Welcome to our family

In a landscape of service providers, AMS Lawn & Landscapes stands as a testament to what dedication, expertise, and genuine care can achieve. We are more than just a lawn care company; we are a family of passionate professionals committed to turning your green dreams into reality. Whether you’re just starting with a small garden idea or looking to transform an expansive estate, trust in AMS Lawn & Landscapes to be by your side, every step of the way. Welcome to our family, where your lawn’s potential meets our expertise.